Did you define your goals? How specific were you?

Defining your goals and implementing a plan for your future and business is one of the most important strategies. This is one of the reasons businesses fail. When your are trying to create a Lifestyle here are are few things to keep in mind:

1. What do you want to accomplish?

2. What does it cost?

3. Why do you want to accomplish this specific goal?

4. What education/research is required? What action is required?

5. How much is is going to cost to maintain consistency?

6. Set your number/salary desired. What number will it take to obtain this lifestyle?

7. What will you do when you accomplish this specific goal?

Are you uncertain? Just doit! Dive in! Keep planning, but do it. One step in the right direction is worth more than 100 years “thinking” about it. Start researching and seeing the end result in your mind and know that it belongs to you.

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